How to Complete Reloads

You are probably reading this guide either because you are running out of sign up offers to do and want to keep building your betting bank, or you are keen to maximise your profits from matched betting.

The first thing to say is that if you haven’t completed 80%+ of the welcome offers, make sure that you do these first, before starting on the reloads. This is because the sign up offers will build you betting bank up faster, are very lucrative and you can do them whenever. It also gives your accounts some time to breathe, before trying to take more bonuses and lessens the risk of appearing like a pure bonus hunter (we think). For more information on keeping your accounts open, see this article.

So what are reloads? Quite simply, they are bonuses that bookmakers offer to existing customers, to encourage them to bet. These reloads range in their complexity, some are very easy to complete, some are more difficult. Some will guarantee you a profit, others will only make you a profit if you trigger an event or outcome. But nearly all reloads tilt the balance/ chance of making money firmly in your favour.

One of the first questions a lot of people ask with reloads is that if they aren’t guaranteed profit, don’t you end up losing money if you don’t trigger the refund? The answer to this is, if you do the reloads right and get good matches on the right events, then you will get the refunds and you will make money. The key with them is to do as many as you can with the right matches.

Another common misconception about reloads is that they are difficult to do. Most of the reloads work in exactly the same way as the signup bonuses do, in so much that you need to place a qualifying bet (back and lay for small loss) to get access to the bonus. With some you get an instant bonus, or a bonus on another event or day. With others you only get the free bet if a particular outcome occurs, for example your horse comes second in a race.

If you do trigger a bonus you nearly always extract it for profit it in the same way as the signup bonuses by backing and laying as an SNR bet.

I’ll list out as many of the popular reloads that I can think of and then suggest a strategy for attacking them for profit. Including the order with which to approach them in terms of attractiveness.