Keeping Your Betting Account Balances Up To Date On Yesbets

  • Now it´s important you keep your balances up to date on yesbets accounting platform because this allows us to bring you the most profitable offers for your budget. Our OddsMatcher pulls in all your current balances and provides you with recommendations as to which matched bets you should place for the funds you have available.

    Update Balance

    Deposit & WIthdraw

  • Deposit & Withdraw

    Using the deposit and withdraw functionality to track this type of money transaction being moved will make life a lot easier. Will will adjust the balances of the sites accordingly without updating your profit figure.

  • Update Balance

    From time to time you may find even after tracking all your bets, the balances on yesbets are not 100% correct. There are a number of different reasons for such an occurrence, these include:

    • BOG (best odds guaranteed) on a horse, so the bookmaker balance is higher than expected
    • Rule 4 in horse racing
    • The odds changing on the exchange and not being updated within the calculator before the lay bet is placed
    • Any betting activity outside of yesbets
    • Unmatched lay bets.

    Periodically we recommend you run through all your betting accounts and update the balances. By using the “update balance” feature we can record any changes you make as profit. If you do have a BOG and have £20 extra in your Coral account, but updating the balance to the new figure, we will add £20 profit to your total.